Rules for donating a commemorative medal named after Count Zsigmond Széchenyi.

Founder of the commemorative medal.

The founder of the commemorative medal is Országos Charity Hunting Non-profit Ltd. (registered office: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Király sor 30. – hereafter known as [The Founder], established in 2019 with the aim of extending the charity hunting event to a national level and to provide an organizational framework for charity hunting events nationwide.

The foundation and purpose of the commemorative medal

The declared goal of the Founder is to hold charity hunting events in all counties of Hungary on December 27 each year, according to a uniform image, with the same participation fees and individual grants to support the children's wards of each designated county hospital. In this spirit, charity hunting and the activities of the Founder will emphasize and promote the importance of selflessness, social responsibility and charitable communities. The Founder therefore looks to reward and honour a sport or professional hunter who has made a committed and outstanding effort in any given year or county for the promotion and success of this new renaissance of hunting culture & charity hunting benevolence – and serving to promote a new, more positive view of the hunting community.

Struggle, humility, love and fidelity to the homeland characterized the twentieth century. One of the greatest Hungarian hunters of the 19th century was Count Zsigmond Széchenyi. His career and values can serve as an exemplar for all Hungarian hunters. Naming the commemorative medal after him demonstrates the Founder’s commitment to honour his memory wants and inspire a new breed of Hungarian hunters to embrace his example in promoting our hunting culture for future generations.

Only 1 commemorative medal will be awarded per county per year - a total of 19 – to our most inspiring hunters!

Awarding of the commemorative medal.

Every year, the Founder will reward a sports or professional hunter in the given county by presenting a commemorative medal. This will be decided by the Professional Board according to point 4 of these regulations until January 30 of each year. During the nomination, the members of the Professional Board may make a reasoned proposal, which will be reviewed by the Professional Board and then its decision will be taken by secret ballot. In making its decision, the Professional Board shall take into account the following aspects:

  • the promotion of charitable hunting as part of a wider hunting culture.
  • the setting of an example for the hunting community and future generations through charity hunting.
  • the extent of the donation at charitable hunting events should not be a decisive factor in awarding of the commemorative medal.
  • the commemorative medal may not be awarded to members of the Professional Board.

Members of the Professional Board

  • L. Simon László - writer, poet, Member of Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, former Secretary of State for Culture.
  • Dr. Gábor Pálos - doctor, professional advisor to the Founder.
  • Dr. Tamás Ujváry - the manager of the Gödöllő Royal Castle Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. and the Széchenyi Zsigmond Hunting Museum Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd.
  • Róbert Pálinkás - Managing Director of Helikon Nonprofit Kft., which operates the Helikon Castle in Keszthely.
  • Dr. Péter Sótonyi - Rector of the University of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Prof. Dr. Csaba Gyuricza - Rector of Szent István University.
  • László Fejes - the Managing Director of the Founder company & the brainchild of the National Charity Hunt.

Presentation of the commemorative medal.

The presentation date of the commemorative medal shall not be predetermined. The transfer shall take place by the 31st  March of the year in question.

The presentation can take place as a stand-alone event or can also take place as part of another cultural program. The exact location shall always be determined in the given year.

The commemorative medal is presented primarily by the members of the Professional Board, but additional persons other than the members of the board may also be invited to the presentation ceremony.


Description of the Commemorative Award

It consists of 3 parts:   

  • Commemorative Medal
  • Commemorative Badge
  • Ornament folder (certificate of recognition)

 Details of the Commemorative medal:

Material: Silver (Ag925 / 200.0gr)

Patented design

Diameter: 80mm

Engraved portrait of Count Zsigmond Széchenyi.

Founder: National Charity Hunting Non-profit Ltd.

Designer: Sculptor Benő Gábor Pogány

Contractor: Éremverde Kft. goldsmith Tamás Szabó

Commemorative Badge details:

Material: silver (Ag925 / approx. 4.0 g)

Patented design

Diameter: 22mm

Engraved portrait of Count Zsigmond Széchenyi.

Founder: National Charity Hunting Nonprofit Ltd.

Designer: Sculptor Benő Gábor Pogány

Contractor: Éremverde Kft goldsmith Tamás Szabó


The biggest supporter of the children's ward is acclaimed to be the Hungarian hunting society.

Fejér vármegye

An excellent athmosphere and unparalleled success characterized The 1st National Charity Puck Shooting Competition.


After Hatvan and Vásárosnamény, the certificates of recognition from the National Charity Hunting Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. were handed out in the Royal Castle in Gödöllő.


Remembering all the winners of the Count Zsigmond Széchenyi commemorative medal.


Presentation of Diplomas in Vásárosnamény


Dear Fellow Hunters, Dear Puck Hunters!


Together we visited the location of the One with Nature World Hunting and Nature Exhibition in Vásárosnamény

We visited the site of the One with Nature Hunting and Nature Exhibition in Vásárosnamény with László L.Simon, General Director of the Hungarian National Museum, Zoltán B. B., the host of the Vásárosnamény site, and Zsolt Puha, the Slovak partner of Charity Hunting.


My favorite colleague also received a Diploma of Appreciation.


We awarded Diplomas at the Hungarian Hunting Museum in the Carpathian Basin of Széchenyi.


Thank you for being an important Partner


Rules for donating a commemorative medal named after Count Zsigmond Széchenyi.


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